Pet Boarding

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Current Rates

In addition to our other services, Wicker Pet provides overnight care in which your dog sleeps in a private, comfy suite complete with food dishes, toys, and bedding. Our accommodations are not what you will find in a typical caged kennel environment. We only accept a limited number of dogs in order to properly insure that they will be provided with the highest quality service possible. Your beloved pet rightfully deserves ample attention and unique special care.

During the day, the dogs will join our Daycare group. At night, their suite is where they can get away from it all to rest. If you would like to bring your own bedding and toys, that is fine with us, and will make it cozier for them! Please note that these items may not be returned in the same condition as what you left them in. Don't forget to bring in their food as well, separated into each meal with their name written on the bag.

Holidays and weekends book up fast, so call us today for your reservation!

If your dog is staying overnight, please pre-measure and label your dog's individual meals for the entire duration of their stay. All food items must be packed in airtight containers or bags. If your dog requires medication, separate each dose out in a pill case labeled either a.m. or p.m. For dogs that are medicated twice per day, please label one pill case a.m. and the other p.m. respectively.

Any new clients need to schedule a Temperament Test, or trial day, where we can observe your pooch and see how they get along with the group. 

Make sure that your dog(s) always have proper identification tags secured to their collars. Collars must be well fitted, with a buckle closure, and free from excess decoration (no slip/choke collars, spikes, prong/pinch collars to be worn in playgroup).

It is mandatory that every dog that enters Wicker Pet be up-to-date on all their vaccinations. We require current Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper/Parvovirus, and Canine Influenza, as well as proof of spay/neuter (unless under 6 months). A negative fecal test must also be kept on file for every dog, to be updated every 12 months.


Pick up time for daycare/boarding:  3 PM – 7 PM*

Drop off time for daycare/boarding: 7 AM – 9:30 AM*

*A late fee of $0.50/per minute may be charged if picked up/dropped off before or after above times.