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Dog Grooming

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We only groom our canine friends, but feline friends can get groomed at the nearby Urban Canine Doggy Day Spa.

Wicker Pet does not offer hair cuts. We can only offer Baths, Nail Trims, and Ear Cleaning.


We offer picking up and taking your pet home services to our clients as well. This is great if you are running late or are out doing errands and can't make it into the store. Advance notice is required in order to correctly plan for it. In order to set this up for you, we would need two sets of spare keys for Wicker Pet to have, in case an emergency should ever arise and we would need to go get your pet. Also, you would need to provide any specific instructions as to how to enter your place, alarm codes, and how you want us leave your pet in the home, in order to stay consistent with any rules you follow.

Pick Ups generally occur between 7 AM-9 AM and Take Home/Drop Off Services take place between 5 PM-7 PM. 
*transportation times may be extended due to weather conditions, service availability and schedule, and emergency situations